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Looking for quality products to satisfy your everyday needs? Then you have to look no further because you are in the right place! At Boss Mama Essential Oil Wellness is we offer you unique and quality products that meet and exceed your expectations! Conveniently located in Belfast, we pride ourselves in providing you with products that are high quality, cost-effective solutions at prices anyone can afford. We specialise in providing high quality and cost-effective product solutions at affordable prices to one and all. Call us today on +447704679672 for all your product needs.

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Introduction to ESSENTIAL Oil

You are probably acquainted with essential oils and their uses in spa treatment or perfume,but you may or may not have been aware that they can be used for so much more. Essential oils can sterilize wounds ,clear congestions, erase wrinkles and clean your home. Every essential oil has a complex combination of chemical constituents with a wide array of applications and properties that are antibacterial ,antifungal,anti-inflammatory,digestive,analgesic and antidepressant among others.There are many benefits of using essential oils,including aromatheraphy,that can empower you to take your health and well-being into your own hands.Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds produced by plants to protect themselves ,give them their distinctive scents ,and aid in pollination. Inhaling these aromatic compounds can play an important role in the activation of the body's natural healing ability. Essential oils are produced by extracting volatile aromatic essences from flowers,grasses,fruits,roots and trees. Some require more plant matter than others for a small amount of oil,hence the variation of essential oil prices.Essential oils are extracted using several methods ,depending on which part of the plant is used.Over the last 50 years ,hundred of studies have been performedon the healing potential of essential oils ,and the world is beginning to appreciate the many benefits of integrating essential oils with modern medicine.Several of recent studies suggests that essential oils ,when used with conventional antibiotics could help fight antibiotics resistance.Some essential oils have antibacterial properties such oregano,thyme,eucalyptus,tea tree, cinnamon and lavender.Studies have been done to check the inhibiting effects on common strains of bacteria such as strep,stap and ecoli and some have had high rates of success.Recent studies have also proven that essential oils such as ginger,peppermint and spearmint are highly effective in treating digestive issues in children and adults.Researchers also suggests that Aromatherapy can help in balancing our emotional health as sweet orange,lavender and laurel leaf essential oils have been shown to alleviate symptoms of STRESS,ANXIETY,ADHD,POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER AND DEPRESSION.Essential oils are completely safe when used as directed.They are powerful tools that can be used to enhance health.


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